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Providing Alberta Landlords Premium Services And Products They Can Use To Succeed

The Alberta Landlords Association Network Helps Landlords Succeed!

Landlord Alberta is part of the Alberta Landlords Association Network. We are an online community of residential landlords who have come together to represent and assist residential landlords across the province. We offer helpful premium services and tools to help landlords succeed at affordable member costs. We provide a strong voice for small Alberta landlords to the media and to the government.

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Join the Alberta Landlords Association for credit checks, rental kits, and more! One time registration fee.


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Landlord Forum

Join the largest landlord forum in Canada. Landlords network, share tips and advice.


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Voice For Alberta Landlords

Get your voice heard! Tell us your story. Let’s make sure the landlord point of view is gets known.


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Alberta landlord knowledge vault

The Alberta Landlord Knowledge Vault

Get Real World “In the Trenches” Advice From Experienced and Successful Alberta Landlords & Property Managers With The Alberta Landlord Knowledge Vault Experienced and successful Alberta landlords know there are a lot of great renters out there. For years Alberta has been a place hard-working people from across Canada want[…]

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How To Find Good, Paying Renters in 2017

Despite some economic challenges, experienced and successful Alberta landlords know how to find good, paying renters in 2017 Alberta landlords know the past year has been a challenging one for many of us. This is especially true compared to how good things were only a few years ago. There have[…]

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Review of Ontario Landlords Association (for Ontario Landlords)

Is Ontario Landlords Association Membership Worth It? Review – Ontario Landlords Association Membership This site can be viewed at: www. There are many opportunities for those investing in Ontario rental property. These opportunities are: 1. Growing Population The population in Ontario continues to grow at a rapid pace. A[…]

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alberta landlords success tips and help

More Tips and Strategies to Help Alberta Landlords Succeed in 2016

 Successful Alberta landlords offer tips to help other landlords succeed in challenging times The last story on the Alberta landlords association blog site was called “top tips for landlords to succeed in 2016“.   It took off like a storm. It was a post written by experienced landlords who wanted to[…]

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