Voice For Alberta landlords

Voice For Alberta landlords

Get your voice heard! Tell us your story. Let’s make sure the landlord point of view is gets known by government, the media and every day people.

Do you feel that so many stories in the news are negative about landlords?

And it’s hard to find any positive stories about landlords? Stories explaining how we save up for years to buy an income property to create a nice place for tenants to live in.

Or you spend tens of thousands of dollars to fix up your basement to increase the amount of high quality, safe, affordable rental housing in the province.

Tell us your story.

Let’s good the word out about what it’s really like to be a small landlord in Alberta and the challenges and opportunities we face. Let’s explain why we screen tenants, or raise rents (or don’t), and why being a ‘good’ landlord is the way we do business.

Good landlords with safe and affordable rentals attract good customers to rent from us. Let’s get this message out there.


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